• Audiom
    Categoria: Film e TV
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    Singles, albums, film scores, audio soundscapes and experimental artworks using words and tunes are featured on the new recording studio podcast channel. Hosted exclusively in 2020 as part of the groundbreaking Dominartist Project funded by Future's Venture. See more...
  • Dominartist
    Categoria: Arte
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    Dominartist Radio is our complimentary podcast series live on the new portal for the Dominartist project funded by Future's Venture. The project hosts artworks, literature and film that is difficult to host on other platforms due to complex and sensitive subject matter, marginalised groups or individuals as makers, or artwork See more...
  • Fanny Blomme
    Fanny Blomme
    Categoria: Libri
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    Fanny Blomme is a new film and TV series at the Dominartist Project. Directed by the artist known as Dominartist with music by Tale Teller Club, the films follow Fanny Blomme through her process o enlightenment as she tries to understand humans. See more...
  • Tale Teller Adults
    Tale Teller Adults
    Categoria: Libri
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    The Tale Teller is a narrater of short stories, poems, live performance and pros. This channel is for grown-ups but we also have a great kids section. Expect all types of tales from funny to horror via See more...
  • Tale Teller Kids
    Tale Teller Kids
    Categoria: Libri
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    A show for kids with stories and poems read by the Tale Teller, some with PG recommended. Updated daily. See more...
  • The Good Sex Clinic
    The Good Sex Clinic
    Categoria: Salute mentale
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    News and advice from the resident psychosexual therapist at The Good Sex Clinic See more...